‘Ayari Soccer’ is led by a professional wheelchair sports athlete and a ‘USSF’ & ‘NSCAA’ certified soccer coach Kamel Ayari. Kamel has discovered his passion for coaching through his son Hassan who enjoyed kicking the ball at the age of 2. Being passionate for this sport Kamel decided to teach his son simple “ball feeling” techniques and simple fitness at the local New Rochelle, NY YMCA racquetball court (it was winter of 2006 & Hassan had just turned 3). Kids these days do not spend enough time on vigorous play and therefore it was a perfect chance for a dad to do something beneficial and fun for his son whilst further strengthening the bond between father and son. The younger Ayari enjoyed being taught by his father and quickly learned soccer techniques.

The two attracted many curious passing by “gym members” who often filled court windows and couldn’t stop watching them engage in practice, often shaking their heads in disbelief the way younger Ayari’s little feet kicked and controlled the ball. Kamel’s unique ability to teach such a young child prompted the gym’s management to offer him to start soccer classes for the community’s youth & that’s how the journey of soccer coaching began. Since that time Coach attended a number of coaching courses, gained USSF certification (‘USSF’: ‘F’, ‘E’ & National ‘D’ Coaching Licenses), ‘NSCAA’ State, Regional & Advanced Regional Coaching Diplomas, a Diploma in Fitness & Nutrition, and spent countless hours reading books, studying videos and watching and studying soccer games.

“I have gained an immense amount of knowledge during my 6 year tenure as a soccer coach which prompts me to give great value and help those starting out and those that are searching for greater and better knowledge of soccer”.

Coach Kamel continues developing good or even great young soccer players and in doing so develop great people too!